What will I Learn at my first lesson?
Your introductory lesson will cover some basic techniques and theories that you need for every dance. You will be moving around the floor by the end of this 45 minute session.
What should be my goal?
Work on developing a dance vocabulary for you to mix and match with most songs you will hear. Try to plan for two lessons per week, which will keep you moving and gaining comfort at a fairly quick, yet comfortable pace. Coming twice per week will also keep the dances fresh in your mind.
Why private lessons?
Private lessons can help to perfect techniques or learn steps at your own pace (faster or slower than a group class). Private dance lessons offer wedding couples a private area to learn a choreographed wedding dance routine, or a dance competitor a place to perfect steps that will wow the judges and crowd. Private lessons offer many benefits that group classes do not.
What is the lesson structure?
Each private dance lesson will begin with a quick warm up and review,followed by progression to the next pattern. These lessons are completely tailored to your needs, so feel free to ask any questions anytime.
Which dances can I learn at the studio?
We specialize in American style Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, East Coast Swing (Jitterbug), Salsa, Merengue and more!
Do you teach competition and performance?
Yes. We specialize in social dance instruction (communication and partnering on the dance floor) and will be happy to help those who want to work on choreography and performance aspects of dancing.
Do I need a partner?
No. Most dancers are friendly and will ask you to dance at parties, and private lessons include a built-in dance partner. (If you are a guy looking for private lessons without a partner, We’ll do our best to provide one for you)
How fast will I be able to progress?
That all depends on you — whether you are comfortable with body movements, & especially how much you practice when not in class.

is great way to have fun and meet new people! No Partner Necessary! You’ll be ready to dance at any event, with any partner, at any time! Whether you want to take social dancing classes to become a world traveling competitor, private dance lessons to prepare for your wedding, or need ballroom dancing lessons for your children, we are your one stop destination for all of your dancing needs. Contact us today! You can learn how to dance like an expert by taking our classes! Discover the joys of ballroom dancing by getting in touch with us at the Ballroom Dance Studio in Vernon Hills, IL. Claim your introductory discount.

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Social Dancing...

Health Benefits of Dance

Boosts memory
Improves flexibility
Reduces stress
Diminishes depression
Helps your heart
Lose weight
Improves balance
Increases energy
Gain Confidence
Make friends.

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